Palace style for your house design

Palace style for your house design-What do you think to have a house with the design and view like a five stars hotel? Of course you can have it by imitating this five star hotel design.

Your big house’s facade will looks like a modern palace with so many doors and window and of course it has many floors too. The staircase is right in the middle of the building. It is also fitted with a high fence.

From the top of the building, you can see the sea. It is really beautiful, both on the sunrise and sunset. The amazing view from this position is that you also can enjoy the mount view right beside the sea. It also can be seen from your veranda. The veranda completed with a set of rattan chair and table. 

The bedroom is big enough. This room is finished in violet. The bed, the chair, and the frame is in violet. The lighting comes from the wall lights. They are hanging perfectly in the wall upside your bed. Just open the door and the windows then you will feel the air from the sea. It is also completed with puff and sofa bed with also with some cushions. The chandelier makes the room look nice.

You also can enjoy the sun light in the sunroom. It fitted with puff and water feature. The outdoor swimming pool is quite simple and it is located really near the sea. The outdoor furniture completed with some cushions.
In the corner side, there is a set of rattan sofa with the cushions and you can use it to spend your free time just to enjoy the air and the scenery from the sea. The floor is made from wood and also the fence around the outside of the veranda and front yard.
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