Five Stars Hotel standards House


Five Stars Hotel standards House-Have you ever imagine living in a five hotel standard house? All of the equipments are the first quality. It will give you a true comfortable living, where you can spend your free time and enjoy your worth live with worth comfortable living.
From the facade, you will see the outdoor swimming pool right in front of your balcony. It is really nice to look at the outside of the house with some flowers and green plant along the swimming pool. The Europe designed house make it looks luxurious with some lighting from wall lamp in all side of the house.

The living room really gives classics view. The arm chair is perfectly located on the fur rug. The chair is high gloss finished. The wall lamps also add beautiful view in this room. It is completed with mirror, painting, vase and cabinet. The big and beautiful pendant lamp really gives fabulous looks for this living room. 

The staircase is well done and located near the door with some plants beside to give natural looks even it is a classic type house. The floor gives more classics looks with Mahogany woods and it is high gloss finished.  You can lied enjoy your spare time on the high gloss finish sofa with some cushions. Moreover, you also may open the curtains to have beautiful scenery of the outside swimming pool. The figure, flowers, and wall lamps make the rooms has good looking. 
The bedroom is quite big and finished in laminate flooring, and has the large loft bed. It is completed with a single sofa, puff with some cuishions, painting, vase, and white floor lamp. The fur rug covers almost all the floor. You will also have a big closet to safe your clothes and shoes neatly.

The bathroom has high standard features. You can relax your body with hot or cool water in the amazing bathtub and you can close the shower curtain to have more private bath.

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