Bring resort feels to your house

Bring resort feels to your house-To live in a house with resorts feels like facilities, view, comfortable and safety is of course a dream of everyone. Having a house like that will make you feel like enjoying vocation everyday in your house.
This well design house really considered eco-friendly and sustainable principle to comfort your life. You can enjoy the green scenery from inside your house. On the veranda, you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise or also having morning tea. There is a set of high gloss finished wooden chair and table. Yes, it brings quite classic style.  Or even you can enjoy reading the news paper or your favorite magazine comfortably in the outdoor sofa fitted with cushions. It is also a safe place for children to play, since it is quite large and well aranged with the iron fence.

The living room is quite big. You can put a lot of your book collections or even art things like statue on the large shelf. The sofa and puffs are really suitable to relax your body. They come with some cushions. This rooms looks like have artistic style, there are some paintings and picture frames. The fireplace is located in the left side of the shelf. The lighting comes from some wall lights and floor lamps. The floor made from Leak woods with lacquered finishing. Moreover, the sofa and puff parts’ floor are covered with the fur rug. The vase and the white lily make the rooms look perfectly nice.

While enjoying your dinner or breakfast or even lunch, you can also look at the natural view from your room. The walls are from tempered glasses. A set of mahogany chair and table are put right on the fur rug. The lighting comes from two chandelier lamps. They are hanging right up side the table. 

The bedroom also has a wide bed to comfort you. The walls is finished in tempered glasses a half to make you enjoy the natural view and the sun light. The closet and the self made from high gloss woods and they are located right in the wall near the tempered glass wall.

The bath room and the kitchen have high standard resort equipments. The bath room’s wall is from the tempered glasses and so does the window. The bath room really looks like have a modern style.

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